About Us

Our Logo

ANJ’s logo is a visual representation of our priorities. Each symbol represents a vital element for the Company.



People are the central element of ANJ’s identity. The circle represents harmony in human lives. People cannot survive without nature’s benefits, so they need to take the lead in maintaining a harmonious relationship between people and nature. This is depicted through the four natural elements that circle the core element of human life.



The sun is our primary energy source and is one of the principal elements in elevating each living organism’s life on earth.



All animals on earth have their own unique, essential role in balancing nature. The footprint represents Indonesia’s fauna and the everlasting spirit that is bequeathed from generation to generation.



Flora, or plants, are the foundation of the food chain and a balanced ecosystem. Flora plays an essential role in producing oxygen and food and in maintaining the soil’s fertility. Indonesia’s rich geography allows a unique and diverse range of flora to flourish, making it the archipelago’s pride.



Water is a vital source of life and acts as one of the balancing elements. Whether a small drop of rain or a large sea, water has tremendous potential as a power source.