About Us


PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk. (ANJ) is a holding company engaging directly and through subsidiaries in the production and sale of crude palm oil, palm kernel, palm kernel oil and other sustainable food crops, and renewable energy.

Before changing its name to ANJ on July 16, 1998, the Company was established on April 16, 1993 as PT Austindo Teguh Jaya (ATJ), with interests in agribusiness, financial services, healthcare, and renewable energy. In 2012, in line with our renewed vision to become a world-class agribusiness-based food company, ANJ began to focus on palm oil while growing new agribusinesses based on other food crops. The second part of our vision, which is to be a company that elevates the lives of people and nature, is reflected in our commitment to achieving a sustainable balance between our responsibilities to people, the planet, and prosperity for all our stakeholders. The Company is currently leveraging its acknowledged capabilities in agronomic best practice, innovation, and efficiency to develop new agribusiness ventures in sago and vegetable harvesting and processing.

In 2013, the Company held its initial public offering on the Indonesia Stock Exchange of 10% of our shares.