ANJ participates in the Sustainable Palm Oil Transparency Toolkit (SPOTT) assessment, conducted by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL). SPOTT measures the transparency of companies in public disclosures of best practices and sustainability commitments through the Annual Communication of Progress-RSPO, the Company Annual and Sustainability Reports, and the Company Website. The key objective of the SPOTT assessment is to promote industry transparency and accountability to drive the uptake and implementation of environmental and social best practices in high biodiversity impact sectors.

In our latest assessment, released in November 2023, our score increased by 2.2 to 93.3%.

For further details on the SPOTT assessment for palm oil companies, please refer to SPOTT's website, www.spott.org/palm-oil/

In addition to SPOTT, since 2019, ANJ has participated in the CDP disclosure platform. CDP is a leading international non-profit organization that runs the global environmental disclosure system. Every year CDP takes the information supplied in its annual reporting process and scores companies based on their journey through disclosure and towards environmental leadership. Companies receive scores from A to D, reflecting how effectively they tackle climate change, deforestation, and water security. Those that do not disclose or provide insufficient information receive an F.

In December 2022, our first CDP assessment for Climate Change scored an A- , which is a leadership category. We also maintained our CDP scores for the Forests and Water categories of A- and B, respectively. This achievement demonstrates our strong commitment to run a sustainable business and manage ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) aspects.

For further information on CDP, please refer to CDP's website, www.cdp.net


 No.   Year   Disclosure Platform  Link  Documents 
1 2023 CDP Water


2 2023 CDP Climate Change Download
3 2023 CDP Forest Download
 4  2022 CDP Water Download
5 2022 CDP Climate Change Download
6 2022 CDP Forest  Download
7  2021 CDP Forest  Download
8 2021 CDP Water Download
9 2020 SPOTT  https://www.spott.org/palm-oil/austindo-nusantara-jaya-tbk-pt/   -