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Suspected violations that can be reported through Whistleblowing constitute of misconduct actions that could violate the laws and regulations of the Government of Indonesia and policies of PT ANJ, such as:
1. Collusion and nepotism.
2. Theft and fraud.
3. Bribe and gratification.
4. Asset Theft.
5. Violations of ANJ Values and Code of Ethics.
6. Other legal offences .

We appreciate your reports and we are committed to have them be followed up accordingly. The security of your identity and your reports is our highest priority as part of our commitment to implementing Good Corporate Governance.


PT ANJ guarantees the confidentiality of the WBS informants through the following commitments:
1. The identity of the informants are kept secret, unless requested by the Indonesian law authorities.
2. Specifically for internal ANJ cases only:
     A. Informants are protected against reprisals from any ANJ party implicated in the report.
     B. Internal ANJ informants will not subjected to promotional delay, demotion or termination as a result (unless the Informant is also the subject
          named in the report).


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